Book 2 of 2010 – Eclipse

  • I forgot how much I dislike Bella.
  • Why do people like Edward? He is way too controlling and in the book he is supposed to be the hottest most gorgeous guy ever and Robert pattinson? Is not. Sorry to all you people who love him but I don’t get it.
  • Ed said something about the people in withering heights don’t have any redeming qualities all I could think is neither do Edward and Bella
  • Eds whole werewolves are bad vampires are thing is dumb. You are just as dangerous and terrible as the wolves. & Jacob is cuter.
  • I kind of think she sounds happier with Jacob.
  • I know that I’m suppose to be all yay bella and Edward, but I can’t be.
  • Dear Bella, I know that there wouldn’t be a book if you weren’t with him but seriously go be friends with other people. Also, as much as you like to be all look at those human people you still are one. Even if you are not likeable at all and so want to be a vampire as soon as you can while you are still human please don’t talk as if you’re not. How can you be okay with the vampires being so controlling over you?it’s kind of disgusting.
  • The only parts of the book that I didn’t like were the ones that had Edward.
  • At one part Bella says something about Edward being nice for allowing her to be friends with Jacob. How can she be good with this relationship? I don’t get it.
  • The whole Bella is mine thing I hate. She’s actually Bellas.
  • The whole sex could kill her thing made me laugh. As soon as I read that part I couldn’t stop giggling.
  • The only part of the book that I liked Edward in was when he was talking to Jacob.
  • The end of the book was much better then the beginning. I still don’t like Edward or Bella, but I was over my annoyedness I felt at the beginning.

Looking back at what I wrote while I was reading this I really did not like this book. I have the fourth one, but i’m not sure if I want to read it now since I feel so blagh about this one. It probably will be my next book because I don’t have a car right now so I can’t drive to the library to get a book.


4 thoughts on “Book 2 of 2010 – Eclipse

  1. I have only read the first book, but I did not care for it either. I thought the story was okay but the writing needed a lot of editing. I’m glad I’m not the only one not in love with this!

    • Thanks for commenting. I didn’t love the first or second one but I also didn’t hate them so i’m not really sure what changed between the second book and the third book to make me hate all the characters.

  2. I totally understand your thoughts about Edward being controlling! He actually reminds me of an ex, haha. Bella totally needs to toughen up and realise she is her own person and not a doll.
    That said, the books are such an easy read it’s hard to put them down (even though they are written like trashy fanfiction!)

    • I do like that the books are an easy read. Even with all the things I don’t like about it they are good enough that i’ll read them still. Even if edward stayed how he was it would be much better if bella was more her own person.

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