Book 1 of 2010 – Sin in The Second City

I went to the library and yay they had it! I kind of like doing this instead of buying books. A lot of times I don’t want to read a book more than once so it seems kind of pointless to buy it. Anyways… Here are some things I thought…

  • Putting young girls in rooms with professional rapists to break them in before they are officially a prostitute? Ick.
  • They make brothels sound nice. They wanted them to be educated and clean and nice and good and it seemed kind of wierd to think about a brothel as nice.
  • Even though it was really cold there couldn’t really be frozen homeless people on the sidewalk right?
  • Comparing prostitutes to women who want a husband? I guess gold digger type woman are maybe like prostitutes.
  • I kind of love hearing about stuff that happened in Chicago. Hearing stuff about it and prostitutes together is even better. One thing it mentioned a few times was Marshall Field Jr. death. I knew nothing about this and now I do so yay. Now I want to read more about Chicago history. Maybe something about that will be my next book.
  • The competition between the houses and how the other owners wanted to close the everleighs house and the way all of them operated was more interesting then I thought it would be.
  • The sisters wanted to improve these places. The idea of improving prostitution and making it seem nice is kind of odd but like I wrote earlier they did make it sound quite nice.
  • At the end they talk about the everleigh sisters lives after they leave Chicago. It wasn’t very long, but I liked reading about it.
  • I think I want to buy this book.

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