How do I hurt myself?

I’m not really sure. Somehow I manage to always end up with bruises or cuts or toes falling off and I don’t know how it happens.

It was actually my toenail that fell off, but anyways how do you not know what you did to your toenail to make it fall off? Last month my toe started hurting and I looked at it and both of my big toenails were all gross and bruised looking. Eventually the left one fell off. It’s now regrowing and since I don’t have nail polish on my toes it doesn’t look that wierd if you don’t know I’m missing the nail. My right toenail never fell off. I think there is a new nail growing under it though. At least summer is ending soon and my toes can go into hybernation and hopefully come out with new nails.

A few days ago my left leg kind of hurt and I looked at it and I have a cut that is probably about 2ish inches below my knee. Im not sure when it happened, but it was probably from one of the animals.

Bruises always pop up on me and I wish I didn’t bruise so easily. I’m clumsy and being clumsy and bruising easily is not a good combination. My legs almost always look kind of ick during shorts season.

I guess I mostly know how I hurt myself. The part that I can’t seem to do is stop doing it.


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