My weekend was better than your weekend.

…unless you were with me.

Thursday: The only people coming down Thursday were my aunt, 4 cousins, grandma, stepdad, mom, friend, and me. We had to go to Walmart to get some food and mostly just put everything away back at the house. The hotel we stayed at was ok. We thought it looked like something that would be in a movie and people get killed.

Friday: Sister and other people came. We stayed at the house. Had a lot of fun. Ate some good food. Tried to figure out what we were going to do Saturday. We thought about going to Indiana beach and going on a boat, but it was supposed to rain Saturday. We went to the sandbar. There was karaoke and music, but the guy there kind of sucked at playing good music. It was kind of terrible music, but we still had fun.

Saturday: It was rainy. It was kind of chilly. Some of us went out on a boat. It was raining the entire time, but was fun. I wanted to jump in the water, but at first no one wanted to do it. My mom was acting all worried about me drowning like duh mom I know how to swim. My parents friend said he would do it so he jumped in and then I did it after. Even after he went in and before I went in she was like saying stuff. After we told my sister it wasn’t cold she jumped in too. Sisters fiancé wouldn’t go in the water at first so I told him he was being an old man who didn’t like water. I got him to jump in. : ) We got a few pictures in the water. The only problem I had was wearing a bikini is not very good when jumping in water. The top was not staying where it should. Luckily I could fix everything under water. When we were done on the boat I was completely wet. I’m not sure if it was from going in the water or the rain. We went back to the house and ate some yummy food. I think most people still think of me as younger than what I am. There were times when I was holding a drink and they were like since when did you drink and I would be like I’m 22 and they would be like I still think of you as little. At some point during the day I decided to call my sisters fiancé by his first and middle name. At night there was a dj playing music. He played good music. We danced a lot and it was super fun. At one point the dj asked if anyone graduated in 2009 and since I did I got some glasses in the shape of 2009. I wore them the rest of the night. They are kind of awesome. We stopped dancing for a little bit and went back to the house.

Sunday: Had a little parade of cars driving home. Stopped at Fair Oaks Farm for food. Had a yummy grill cheese sandwich.

This weekend was kind of awesome. It was a super fun weekend.


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