Labor Day 08

J came here on Friday. I kind of asked him about my uncles at the last minute but he was able to go. My mom didnt want to drive down here so she wanted to know if he could bring me. Luckily he was able to.

On Sunday we drove to Indiana Beach. I got the directions off my iphone and we didn’t get lost. When we got there I called my mom and she said they got lost. How they got lost and we didn’t is amazing. We weren’t sure if we were going to spend the night, but we brought stuff just in case. Once we all got there we went to Indiana Beach. We rode the new roller coaster and it was super fun. My cousin wanted to go on the rollercoaster and my sister had to sit with her. We thought that it would scare her but At the end she was really happy. It was kind of funny. We wanted to go in the haunted house, but it wasn’t one of the wristband rides, it cost like $3. When we went back to the house dinner was almost ready. My mom and aunt and people had to leave a little after dinner. J and I decided to spend the night. I thought that we might get lost trying to drive back at night. After they left we went swimming with my cousin and her friend. The water wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be. After we swam we got dressed and walked around. I wish the golf cart was fixed but walking was nice. There was a dj who stayed until around one. We danced some and then walked some more. Since you could see the stars we laid on his car and looked at them. While we were laying there we saw six guys per in some bushes. It was dark out and we couldnt see anything but it was entertaing. I think if it was light out and we could actually see I would have thought it was really gross. I really want to go back there.


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