Las Vegas

Friday: Everyone met at my house we went to the airport. I hate flying so when the plane felt like it dropped a million feet it kind of scared me. After that happened I felt really hot. Once we got there we checked in to our hotel. We stayed at The Venetian. It was soo nice. We had dinner at this one restaurant in our hotel and when we ordered dessert they brought it out on a plate that had happy birthday written on it and a candle in it. Afterwards we stayed in our casino and gambled some and then went to bed.

Saturday: We went down to the spa/fitness place in the morning. It was incredibly nice. They needed to see our id’s so we had to go back to our rooms and get them. After we exercised some we went in the steam room and sauna. After we were done with that we went to the pool. It was incredibly hot but luckily I didn’t really burn. My head did a little so I had to make sure to wear a hat next time. After swimming my sister and I went and took a ballet fitness class. It was really fun. There were only four people total in the class.

Sunday: We went shopping and ate at Margaritaville for lunch. It was yummy. I got a tall drink in one of those giant plastic things. I got a really cute tank top from Express. For dinner we ate at this noodle restaurant in our hotel. I had some vegetable lo mein noodle thing.

Monday: Went to the wax museum. Took lots of pictures. There was a haunted house type thing in there that was kinda neat.

Tuesday: Went to the NewYork hotel and rode the roller coaster. I had to take my glasses off so in my picture I was squinting. Then we went back to the hotel to get a car to take us to the airport. The flight back was uneventful until landing. When we landed the plane was going really fast and it was kinda not very good.

There probably were things that I can’t think of that happened but oh well… Those were some of the main fun things.


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