Spring Break was awesome

Sunday: We had to wake up super early to go to the airport, but once we were in Florida I didn’t feel so blagh. We had lunch at this cute place and I had some really good spaghetti and S had really good pizza. We also walked on the beach to this pier that we were going to walk on but you had to pay one dollar. We thought that was stupid so we didn’t do it.
Monday: All we did was stay at the beach. We were at the beach from 10:00am to 5:00pm. It was extremely relaxing and fun. We had lunch at the hotel and then had dinner at this really good place. There was a giant crab that was wearing a shirt that said booty so we took a picture with it.
Tuesday: We stayed on the beach in the morning, but we didn’t stay there all day. We left and decided to go shopping. We found a place that you could paint your own pottery so we did that. I made a pink piggy bank with black spots and blue eyes.
Wednesday: We were going to go to miami and walk around but drama occured so we didn’t go. We ate at this place called Lulu’s. My mom, K, and S shared a drink that came in a fish bowl. There were lots of college students there and K started a mini-trend. He took the five straws that came with the fish bowl drink and connected them so they were one giant straw. He drank out of the straw and it actually worked. After he did that we noticed that there were some girls at the table next to us who tried doing it.
Thursday: We drove to south beach and that place looked like it would have been fun to go to for a few days. I bought j a shirt there and he liked it. I also got these way cute shorts. Then we drove down to key west. That took forever but I took lots of pictures on the way down there. I was happy because I got to wear my new dress all day.
Friday: We came home. All I did was wash clothes… Nothing too exciting.
Saturday: Spent the day with J. Went to the mexican place with awesome nachos. Fell asleep at his house and then went home.
Sunday: Came back to school.

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