Book 2 of 2010 – Eclipse

  • I forgot how much I dislike Bella.
  • Why do people like Edward? He is way too controlling and in the book he is supposed to be the hottest most gorgeous guy ever and Robert pattinson? Is not. Sorry to all you people who love him but I don’t get it.
  • Ed said something about the people in withering heights don’t have any redeming qualities all I could think is neither do Edward and Bella
  • Eds whole werewolves are bad vampires are thing is dumb. You are just as dangerous and terrible as the wolves. & Jacob is cuter.
  • I kind of think she sounds happier with Jacob.
  • I know that I’m suppose to be all yay bella and Edward, but I can’t be.
  • Dear Bella, I know that there wouldn’t be a book if you weren’t with him but seriously go be friends with other people. Also, as much as you like to be all look at those human people you still are one. Even if you are not likeable at all and so want to be a vampire as soon as you can while you are still human please don’t talk as if you’re not. How can you be okay with the vampires being so controlling over you?it’s kind of disgusting.
  • The only parts of the book that I didn’t like were the ones that had Edward.
  • At one part Bella says something about Edward being nice for allowing her to be friends with Jacob. How can she be good with this relationship? I don’t get it.
  • The whole Bella is mine thing I hate. She’s actually Bellas.
  • The whole sex could kill her thing made me laugh. As soon as I read that part I couldn’t stop giggling.
  • The only part of the book that I liked Edward in was when he was talking to Jacob.
  • The end of the book was much better then the beginning. I still don’t like Edward or Bella, but I was over my annoyedness I felt at the beginning.

Looking back at what I wrote while I was reading this I really did not like this book. I have the fourth one, but i’m not sure if I want to read it now since I feel so blagh about this one. It probably will be my next book because I don’t have a car right now so I can’t drive to the library to get a book.


Book 1 of 2010 – Sin in The Second City

I went to the library and yay they had it! I kind of like doing this instead of buying books. A lot of times I don’t want to read a book more than once so it seems kind of pointless to buy it. Anyways… Here are some things I thought…

  • Putting young girls in rooms with professional rapists to break them in before they are officially a prostitute? Ick.
  • They make brothels sound nice. They wanted them to be educated and clean and nice and good and it seemed kind of wierd to think about a brothel as nice.
  • Even though it was really cold there couldn’t really be frozen homeless people on the sidewalk right?
  • Comparing prostitutes to women who want a husband? I guess gold digger type woman are maybe like prostitutes.
  • I kind of love hearing about stuff that happened in Chicago. Hearing stuff about it and prostitutes together is even better. One thing it mentioned a few times was Marshall Field Jr. death. I knew nothing about this and now I do so yay. Now I want to read more about Chicago history. Maybe something about that will be my next book.
  • The competition between the houses and how the other owners wanted to close the everleighs house and the way all of them operated was more interesting then I thought it would be.
  • The sisters wanted to improve these places. The idea of improving prostitution and making it seem nice is kind of odd but like I wrote earlier they did make it sound quite nice.
  • At the end they talk about the everleigh sisters lives after they leave Chicago. It wasn’t very long, but I liked reading about it.
  • I think I want to buy this book.

Its kind of like bret michaels

Only not really.

This weekend was the Chicago country music festival. I went with my mom to see John rich play. Someone played before him, but we had never heard of them. They were okay. Before JR came out some other people came out. It was Sinister and Chi Chi from Daisy of Love. My mom didn’t know who they were so I had to explain the whole rock of love daisy of love thing. Sinister sang some Michael Jackson song that I can’t remember right now, but it was kind of terrible. He has a cd coming out. Ick. Why are people who can’t sing allowed to do this?

How do I hurt myself?

I’m not really sure. Somehow I manage to always end up with bruises or cuts or toes falling off and I don’t know how it happens.

It was actually my toenail that fell off, but anyways how do you not know what you did to your toenail to make it fall off? Last month my toe started hurting and I looked at it and both of my big toenails were all gross and bruised looking. Eventually the left one fell off. It’s now regrowing and since I don’t have nail polish on my toes it doesn’t look that wierd if you don’t know I’m missing the nail. My right toenail never fell off. I think there is a new nail growing under it though. At least summer is ending soon and my toes can go into hybernation and hopefully come out with new nails.

A few days ago my left leg kind of hurt and I looked at it and I have a cut that is probably about 2ish inches below my knee. Im not sure when it happened, but it was probably from one of the animals.

Bruises always pop up on me and I wish I didn’t bruise so easily. I’m clumsy and being clumsy and bruising easily is not a good combination. My legs almost always look kind of ick during shorts season.

I guess I mostly know how I hurt myself. The part that I can’t seem to do is stop doing it.


From Ball State University!!!!

My weekend was better than your weekend.

…unless you were with me.

Thursday: The only people coming down Thursday were my aunt, 4 cousins, grandma, stepdad, mom, friend, and me. We had to go to Walmart to get some food and mostly just put everything away back at the house. The hotel we stayed at was ok. We thought it looked like something that would be in a movie and people get killed.

Friday: Sister and other people came. We stayed at the house. Had a lot of fun. Ate some good food. Tried to figure out what we were going to do Saturday. We thought about going to Indiana beach and going on a boat, but it was supposed to rain Saturday. We went to the sandbar. There was karaoke and music, but the guy there kind of sucked at playing good music. It was kind of terrible music, but we still had fun.

Saturday: It was rainy. It was kind of chilly. Some of us went out on a boat. It was raining the entire time, but was fun. I wanted to jump in the water, but at first no one wanted to do it. My mom was acting all worried about me drowning like duh mom I know how to swim. My parents friend said he would do it so he jumped in and then I did it after. Even after he went in and before I went in she was like saying stuff. After we told my sister it wasn’t cold she jumped in too. Sisters fiancĂ© wouldn’t go in the water at first so I told him he was being an old man who didn’t like water. I got him to jump in. : ) We got a few pictures in the water. The only problem I had was wearing a bikini is not very good when jumping in water. The top was not staying where it should. Luckily I could fix everything under water. When we were done on the boat I was completely wet. I’m not sure if it was from going in the water or the rain. We went back to the house and ate some yummy food. I think most people still think of me as younger than what I am. There were times when I was holding a drink and they were like since when did you drink and I would be like I’m 22 and they would be like I still think of you as little. At some point during the day I decided to call my sisters fiancĂ© by his first and middle name. At night there was a dj playing music. He played good music. We danced a lot and it was super fun. At one point the dj asked if anyone graduated in 2009 and since I did I got some glasses in the shape of 2009. I wore them the rest of the night. They are kind of awesome. We stopped dancing for a little bit and went back to the house.

Sunday: Had a little parade of cars driving home. Stopped at Fair Oaks Farm for food. Had a yummy grill cheese sandwich.

This weekend was kind of awesome. It was a super fun weekend.

First time at the Indy 500

  • It. Was. Awesome.
  • We left kind of early this morning. I took a nap on the way down.
  • It was so much bigger than I thought it would be.
  • We sat in the middle and brought chairs and blankets. I kind of think I liked sitting there rather than up in the seats.
  • Just when I think i’ve seen it all I see new levels of obnoxiousness.
  • It was such a nice day. I didn’t burn at all and got a nice little tan.
  • I want to go back there and spend the night and go for a weekend.
  • I think being able to listen and not have to always talk is something more people need to learn. Rather than make it seem like you only listen while waiting for your turn to jump in you should just let people talk. It could actually teach you stuff.
  • Also, reapeating what someone else says, but rewording it doesn’t make you that awesome.